Fan Controlled Hoops

The disruptors who brought you Fan Controlled Football are back at it with Fan Controlled Hoops!

Call the Shots

Fan Controlled Sports + Entertainment, the creators of Fan Controlled Football, are launching the next big thing in sports, putting the fans at the center of the action once again: Fan Controlled Hoops.

Fan Controlled Hoops will take the court in 2023.

FCH will feature an unprecedented, 4v4 full-court brand of high-flying hoops and will be the first league played on a dynamic, fully interactive LED court, providing viewers with a fresh way to control the game.

Welcome to the FCH Team

Mike Bibby and Ryan Blake

Fan Controlled Hoops is officially bringing on Head Coach Mike Bibby and Director of Recruiting Ryan Blake to run all things hoops!


FCSE is bringing a revolutionary format to the sport of basketball with an unprecedented, 4v4 full-court brand of hoops with never-before-seen real-time fan interactivity. FCH will be the first league played on a full LED court, providing viewers with a fresh, digital take on normal gameplay.

  • 4 The Win

    4 teams. 4 weeks. 4v4 positionless basketball. Fans call the shots, but only one team will rule them all.

  • LED Smart Court

    Triggered via a live fan vote, the LED smart court will light up to reveal various game mechanics: lit zones, lit players, powerups, substitutions, stats, and more.

  • No Free Throws

    Hate free throws? In FCH, a shooting foul gets points added to the team score and a new possession with the ball.

  • Draft Your Team

    Build your squad each week to be sure they stay at the top of their game.

  • Star Studded Owners

    Each team will have a celebrity ownership group made up of entertainers, athletes, and influencers. Stay tuned.

  • Tipoff Coming Soon

    Fan Controlled Hoops Season 1.0 is coming to you in 2023.